Courtless Beast




Streetwise 1+:
He’s a greedy bastard – Apparently he had a mantle, and he sold it for goblin fruit.
I’ve got 5 denarii on his Keeper being related to the Wild Hunt – Yeah, that’s based off his antlers, what of it?
A nifty hunter. I’ve seen him take some absurd shots – One of the times, I couldn’t even see the target.

Streetwise 2+:
He’s a member of some sort of mongrel motley made outta most of the Courts – It’s got a few members in high places, though. Maybe that’s why he don’t need a court.
His bird is the brain out of the pair.

Streetwise 3+:
Winter has been trying to pull him into their ranks for the last 6 months.
He burst into Maiden Hill screaming his lungs out – Apparently he’d predicted the Wild Hunt’s arrival 2 days before it happened. Makes you think, doesn’t it?
He killed some sorta hellish Winter monster for that cloak – No, I don’t know what it was. If I did, i’d either be wearing the cloak or dead, wouldn’t I?

Streetwise 4+:
His Wyrd is growing through the roof – Just last season his antlers were mere stumps. How long before he’s one of them?

Streetwise 5+:
Apparently a couple of Winters saw him moving faster than a sprinting horse – Any wonder they want him onside.


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