Aonghus Stoneslayer

Summer Elemental Stoneworker


A tall, heavy-set elemental, with his right arm ending in a stump just past his elbow. crudely hewn facial features that appear to be mostly clay. His bodily movements are slow, but precise. His woad tattoos appear to have been painted on using some sort of thick black glaze. Aonghus’s eyes are made out of what appears to be charcoal, and his teeth are large chunks of quartz.


Prior to the siege of Maiden Hill, Aonghus was a stonemason for the court. Easygoing, and slow to anger, he earnt the nickname Stoneslayer from his fellow courtiers through his renowned skills with the hammer, but his lack of will to apply those skills against foes.

Aonghus was recently saved from death from fever after suffering an injury at the siege of Maiden Hill. The elemental has also begun work as Bridei’s temporary Lieutenant, although it remains to be seen whether he will be able to continue his stonemasonry with a missing limb.

Politics 1: “Summer’s stoneworker. Hardworking, quiet, easygoing. Whats not to like?”
Politics 2: “Yeah, the last name’s something of a joke. Slow to speak, even slower to anger. About the only thing he’s been seen to take down is a menhir.”
“He almost never works his trade when people are around – Maybe it’s a curse or his bane?”

Politics 3: “He’s got a fair few friends in Autumn, notably with their stonemasons – I’ve heard he might have a motley with them."
Politics 4: “I once went to hunt us lunch while he worked away. As I got back I heard him singing away while he worked. I was gone for an hour and came back to an entirely constructed granary. Nobody can work that fast.”
Politics 5: “Once every 3 months, Aonghus leaves to meet some stonemasons from the Autumn court. Rumour has it they discuss and design upcoming court constructions and defences – Adding their own touches and secrets in order to best aid their little group.”

Aonghus Stoneslayer

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