Drust the Unbidden, Lord of Summer

Elemental Earthbones/Stonebones/Gargantuan


Towering over his surroundings, Drust stands as tall as 3 men, and several times thicker. Whatever signs that indicated he was human have long disappeared to Drust’s rocky skin – A clear sign of his considerable Wyrd.


Drust is undoubtedly the oldest living Changeling in the Freehold, having lasted far beyond the lifespans seen by the average changeling. His age shows in his responses – Slow, tempered and with considerations reaching far into the past, and far into the future. His mantle – The rich smell of earth, stretches far around him.

Drust recently met his end in the Siege of Maiden Hill – Betrayed by his own Wroth General, Drust was stabbed and murdered during the withdrawal from Maiden Hill.

Politics 1:

“Drust was one of the first celts to colonize Brittania – He’s seen a million things and could probably tell you a more accurate history of the Freehold than anyone else.”

“You think he’s big now? Just wait till someone or something pisses him off.”

Politics 2:
“They reckon in the really old days, Drust wasn’t such a tired old thing – Reckon that he only went that way after he beat down a True Fae.”

“Drust aint Dead, No fucking way. I was there when I watched him take easily Fifty-odd arrows to that colossal hide of his, and he didn’t even respond.”

“One of the older Springs says that Drust used to be mostly peat and granite, rather than the chalk and loam we see today. Maybe he changes over time?”

Politics 3:
“They say he was alive when the Summer Court was first created – Others reckon he created it, and was a member of the courts that came before.”

“It strikes me as odd that Badb wasn’t present before his death – I’ve seen that bitch personally appear at far lesser individual’s deaths, and yet I didn’t even hear a wail from her.”

Politics 4:
“I know a guy who says he saw the dagger the General used. Fae magic, no doubt about it.”

“They reckon the battle that turned Drust into a sleepy old bastard was against a True Fae hag – some sorta god or the like, apparently. Reckon she whacked him with a curse or something?”

Politics 5:
“Drust was a member of a group of the oldest changelings out, although I haven’t the faintest idea of who is a member, or even what they do.”

Drust the Unbidden, Lord of Summer

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